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Reflecting and Setting Goals

By Imprfct Monthly Challenge

You’d like to invest in yourself.  There are things you’d like to reignite, change, or learn.  But you don’t know where to start and mapping it out seems daunting.  We have you covered.  Join in a series of imprfct life® challenges and let us help you identify some meaningful actions to invest in yourself.

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Meet Mariana

By Community Member Spotlight
Mariana Quintero (she/her) Where do you live now? Galicia, Spain What’s your hometown? Caracas, Venezuela What are your superpowers? It sounds crazy, but I usually stay ahead from what it is going to happen, and this intuition happens to be right most of the times. I can also multitask with success. What topic impacting women and girls are you the...
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Why I Hate International Women’s Day

By Equity Champions
International Women’s Day… I still hate you. I wrote last year that I hate International Women’s Day. It resonated with so many of you that here I am, writing it again. Why?! Because nothing has changed. Oh, wait. Actually some things have changed. Let me tell you how. Things have gotten WORSE. But aren’t we closer to equality, you think?!...
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Women For Women International

By Organization Spotlight
Around the globe women face barriers to equality whether that be fighting for pay equity or fighting sexual and gender-based violence even in their own home. These barriers become even more extreme for women and girls who live in deep poverty and/ or in conflict-affected countries.  We’ve witnessed this quite deeply over the last year in Sudan, Afghanistan, and now...
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Representation Matters: Films by Women

By Topic in Focus
I love movies.  I live for award season and try my hardest to watch everything that has been nominated.  Despite the lack of representation across any and all forms of diversity.  It’s my version of the Super Bowl. But something is changing…and while it doesn’t appear to be the Hollywood Foreign Press or other similar industry organizations…something is changing thanks...
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Women and the “Mid-life Crisis”

By Self-Care Central
Do you feel it?  I do.  It’s an exhaustion that I’ve never known before.  Is it because I’m getting older?  Probably.  Is it because I’m juggling a lot at one time?  Perhaps…but frankly that’s not anything new.  Is it because of the last two years and COVID impacts?  I’m sure that has something to do with it. But the more...
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