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Mariana Quintero


Where do you live now? Galicia, Spain
What’s your hometown? Caracas, Venezuela

  • What are your superpowers? It sounds crazy, but I usually stay ahead from what it is going to happen, and this intuition happens to be right most of the times. I can also multitask with success.
  • What topic impacting women and girls are you the most passionate about? Reproductive Rights and Justice
  • What are you grateful for? The life I’m able to live right now. Everything eventually fitting into place, that I’m being able to share this life with my partner, we’re making our dreams come true, it took a long journey to finally achieve this moment of complete happiness.
  • What do you love most about yourself? The ability to still go on, to be strong enough and keep going specially during hard times. It seems easy when everyone tells you to be strong and that everything eventually will pass, but not everyone can keep going as easy as it seems.
  • What makes you laugh?

    Everything! Someone once told me that I’m laughing all the time, like I can’t take things seriously, but I can’t help it if even bad jokes makes me laugh. I’m laughing right now writing this 😉

  • What is something quirky or unusual about yourself that makes you “you”? Honesty and a good heart. In every situation, I try my best to say what I think without hurting the person and in the most honest way. I never keep anything inside. A good heart, because during these times, is very difficult to find a person with a good heart, I care about people, I’m very protective and caring.

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