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imprfct life® was born from a simple idea to celebrate the life of ordinary extraordinary women.

Those who wake up and hustle every day for themselves and their family’s well-being. Those that overcome daily obstacles or self-doubts and deserve to be recognized, praised, and supported. Those that have dreams and goals and pursue them with passion.

With that in mind, we set out to create a place for women to gather together, share experiences, discuss topics, and provide support to others going through rough patches or just needing a helping hand.

That’s why we have created The Corner; a safe space to come together, learn, and connect.

How Does It Work?

We have curated spaces for you to explore, share and discover information, sign up for events, initiate discussions, participate in ongoing conversations, and a lot more!

You’ll also find Monthly Challenges for you to participate in to invest in your own self-care and development.

The community will be better and stronger with your contributions in it, so feel free to comment, ask and answer questions, and participate within the different spaces.

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