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imprfct life® came to be over a shared restlessness about the options available for women ages 40 to 65 to converge and celebrate the extraordinary in “ordinary” women.  The result; a space for women to work on self-care and self-development in a safe environment, support each other holistically, and unite their power and voices in solidarity around important issues.

Discover the pillars.


We celebrate our own unique qualities and invest in ourselves in a way that is meaningful to us. This pillar is the core of imprfct life® because we know that life is messy sometimes and perfection is an illusion. We leverage self-development tools, and engage in discussions promoting growth; allowing us to embrace and cultivate our superpowers.


We are both teachers and learners; asking for help and giving it to others, being true to our own journey and respecting the journeys of others. We converge @ The Corner, our imprfct life® community where we can connect with each other in a safe space, living our code of conduct, and establishing connections with others.


We leverage the power of our collective voice by taking action, investing in and elevating issues important to women. We seek to understand the complex issues surrounding women and girls globally, expand our knowledge, and get involved in personal and meaningful ways. We give space to those fighting for change and impacting the world.

imprfct life values

When the concept of this community was at its inception there were some very specific aspirations used to create and build the vision of imprfct life®. We invite you to explore the values and consider what these mean to you personally and where you are on your own self-development journey.

Embrace imperfections

Perfection is a fallacy.  It is our “imperfections” that make us unique and strong.

Being selfish is self-care

Being an advocate and intense supporter of our self is as important as the advocacy and support we give to the people around us. Investing in our own personal physical and mental health is vital.

Growth mindset

We are all teachers. We are all students. We learn from the past, we savor the present, and shape the future. We grow through all these experiences.

Open and respectful

We learn through diversity of voices, opinions, lived experiences, and contexts. And, while our focus is women from 40 to 65, all are welcome to the conversation.

Everyone’s story is different

Learning is a personal journey, at a personal pace, and with a personal vision of success.  We support each other’s journey while charting our own course.


Truth, honesty, and facts.  That being said, the world is full of grey and ambiguity.  Be open to hearing others’ truths and get uncomfortable to be open to learn how other people experience the world.

Dare to be vulnerable

Asking for help is strong and courageous.  We give and we take; leaning on each other when we need to and giving support in return.

Believe in yourself

We are all worthy of love, compassion, understanding, success and achieving our dreams and goals.

Lean into our fear

We don’t get distracted by symptoms and quick fixes. We search for the driving force behind our discomfort and our successes to grow and gain strength.


Self | Support | Solidarity

This is our space to meet other members, invest in ourselves, and explore opportunities to get involved.  Click on the tiles to start exploring imprfct life® and to invite others.

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