Meet the Founders | Pictures of Kattie and Mila

About Us

imprfct life® started as a collaboration between Kattie Capozza and Mila Aleman.  Two generation X’rs that have a lot on their mind and want to inspire a world where women and girls are unapologetically their authentic selves and can feel supported to realize their potential for greatness in their own unique ways.

Kattie and Mila met in Amsterdam in 2017 while enrolled in a creative leadership program.  They shared a lot of laughs, debated many topics, enjoyed many glasses of wine, and found a passion in the idea to celebrate the life of ordinary extraordinary women.

They are inspired by the women who wake up and hustle every day for themselves and perhaps, their family’s well-being.  Those that overcome daily obstacles or self-doubts and deserve to be recognized, praised, and supported. Those that have dreams and goals and pursue them with passion despite barriers and setbacks.  Those that are making positive changes in their own ways.

That’s how imprfct life® was born.

With years of leadership experience in the business and philanthropic space specializing in Talent Centric Strategy, Organizational Effectiveness, Learning and Development, Marketing, Branding, and Sales; Kattie and Mila have brought their unique perspective and experience to the creation of imprfct life®.  That coupled with their combined experience living and working around the world, they have infused a global view on topics and the chance to bring diverse voices to the table when discussing important issues for women.

As of March 2022, Mila will be stepping out to practice what we teach to focus on her own self-care and well being, but will still stay connected as an occasional content contributor. Kattie is taking imprfct life® on its future journey and is focusing on building the community @ The Corner.  Join here!


Kattie Capozza

CEO & Co-founder

About Kattie:
Kattie is originally from Rochester, NY where she grew up with her parents and younger brother.  Kattie’s parents always encouraged her curiosity and pursuit of personal interests and never stifled her constant flurry of questions.  This developed her steadfast pursuit of truth and the courage to question why things happen and what change is needed to create a different reality.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Organization Communication from the University of Central Florida and obtained a Master of Liberal Studies degree from Rollins College.  Her career has allowed her the opportunity to live and work around the world in places across Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, India) and support clients in the UK, Europe and across the African Continent.  Traveling allowed her to see the political, social, and economic differences; but also, the spirit and energy of women taking their space in the world.

She lives in Seattle WA with her supportive husband Mark and their two fur-babies.

Kattie’s superpowers:
Seeing patterns in the world around her; the interconnectivity of things. Plus, Saturday morning dance parties with her dogs.

Mila Alemán

Co-founder and Collaborator

About Mila:
Mila was born in Caracas, Venezuela as the oldest of three siblings.  She was raised in a very close family environment constantly surrounded by cousins, aunts, and uncles.  She was fortunate enough to know her four grandparents and formed a special bond with both her two grandmothers who were very strong women in their unique ways.  Her parents are both (now retired) lawyers and they raised Mila with a very strong set of values around justice, fairness, and ethics.

She graduated with a Bachelor in Communications from Universidad Católica Andres Bello in Caracas and got a scholarship to study an MBA abroad which took her to Boston for a couple of years and planted the seed of traveling and living around the world.  Mila lived in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Fort Lauderdale, Berlin, and Amsterdam which has been her home for around 10 years.

Mila’s work experience is in marketing, sales, and general management holding different leadership positions across FMCG and media companies.

Mila’s superpowers:
To rally people and motivate them around a common goal and plan awesome trips with a lot of entertaining and interesting things to do at an affordable price.