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Too often we don’t take time out of our busy schedules to invest in our personal development, discover ways to grow, and to give ourselves space to breathe. To change that, each month we’ll put forward a challenge designed to provide you with an opportunity to make yourself a priority. House of Apis® believes we should embrace our imprfct life® and these challenges are developed to invest in areas meaningful to you while celebrating the amazing attributes and superpowers you already have.

You’d like to invest in yourself.  There are things you’d like to reignite, change, or learn.  But you don’t know where to start and mapping it out seems daunting.  We have you covered.  Join in a series of imprfct life® challenges and let us help you identify some meaningful actions to invest in yourself.

Photo by Kendall Lane on Unsplash

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imprfct life®

imprfct life®

impfrct life® is an organization focused on creating community for women wanting to invest in themselves, others, and issues that impact women and girls.