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Women in leadership

Women in Leadership

By Topic in Focus
Women Leadership programs. What I think is wrong with this picture. During the long weeks of lockdown, I started looking for different options on how to invest my free time besides reading and watching series on Netflix. My initial idea was to join an online program to gain new skills or deepen my knowledge in certain areas so I have...
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Meet Kattie & Mila

By Community Member Spotlight
Kattie Capozza (she/her) Where do you live now? Seattle WA What’s your hometown? Rochester NY What are your superpowers? Seeing patterns in the world around her; the interconnectivity of things. Plus, Saturday morning dance parties with her dogs. What topic impacting women and girls are you the most passionate about? Women’s Health Advocacy, Bodily Autonomy, and Education What are you...
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Undefining and Redefining Masculinity

By Did You Know?
When we first endeavored to create an organization focused on creating a world where women and girls could thrive, we explored many avenues and ideas. One of these ideas was to create forums for boys and men to explore how they could help to make that vision a reality. We had been reading so many articles about the mental health...
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Time for a career change?

By Topic in Focus
The past two years have been life-defining for many people and due to the circumstances, some of us had started evaluating our priorities and what we consider important in life as well as the time that we spend at work. Obviously, spending time at a job that doesn’t fulfill us is easier to identify when you are in lockdown and...
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Mental Health

By What We're Talking About
Why is it that when we experience physical pain or discomfort, we are willing to go to the doctor, take a pill and/or seek help but when we cry for no apparent reason, don’t feel like getting out of bed or are constantly overwhelmed we don’t look for help or we feel embarrassed about it? There is so much riding...
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By Organization Spotlight
In 2009, Gina Chavez and Jodi Granado were teaching English in El Salvador at the Maria Auxiliadora, a Catholic all-girls school that aims to educate the “poorest of the poor.” One day, they asked their senior class who wanted to go to college. Every hand shot up. Then they asked who was planning to attend college. Every hand dropped Even...
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Reflecting on 2021

By Equity Champions
This last year has been a roller coaster of an experience all around. When I reflect over 2021 regarding progress for women the roller coaster ride analogy stands true. And I don’t anticipate that ride slowing down going into 2022. There’s a lot of work to be done...and we need to be loud...we need to leverage the power of our...
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The Case for Teaching Consent

By Topic in Focus
No means no, right?  Seems straight forward.  Add in hormones, immaturity, cultural norms, media messaging, relationship nuances, etc. etc. and things start getting not straight forward fast.  Yet, no still means no and teaching our children and young adults about what the word “consent” means – and does not mean – is a good place to start to change what...
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