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And follow your instincts !

A couple of weeks ago we attended TED Women where an incredible group of diverse people (mostly women) presented interesting ideas on What’s Next for women, technology, climate change and other topics. These women are valued for their opinions, they are successful in their fields, and were invited to one of the biggest platforms to share their ideas. Yet, several of them were open and real enough to express their nervousness and excitement. In fact, it is often reported that famous singers like Adele, Rhianna and even veteran Barbra Streisand get nervous before a performance or interviews.

Why am I sharing this? Because it is normal to be nervous, to feel some butterflies in your stomach, to sweat or get a dry mouth. It is totally normal. What should also be normal is to believe in yourself. Many times we are our worst enemies. I wouldn’t dare talk to anyone the way that I talk to myself sometimes. My mind plays tricks on me. I start thinking about all the negative things that I perceive I have, I start looking at the imperfection in my life, in my body, in my surroundings and start doubting whether I am good enough for anything. I start getting a feeling of uneasiness in my stomach.

These are four things that I do to get out of the funk that the self doubt pity party puts me in:

• I remind myself that I am worthy. Regardless of what my doubts are about, I try to stop myself and remember that I am worthy of everything I want to achieve.

• I prepare. If I am having self doubts when starting a new project I prepare, learn about whatI’m going to embark on and gain the confidence to go on.

• Press the kindness button. Self doubt comes from a place of criticism to myself. When that happens, I decide to be kind to myself; breathe and allow myself to be just who I am because at the end of the day…

• Nothing is perfect. We live an “imprfct life” and that is ok. Life is messy and we have to remember that we do our best with what we have. No one is perfect and striving for perfection causes more self doubt and lack of confidence because perfection is unattainable.

So my intention for this year is to embrace my “imprfct life” and fight the self doubt demons so I can stand tall and continue being the version of myself that I want to be.

Let us know @ The Corner whether you have other tips to share!

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Photo by Eleanor Jane from Pexels

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Mila Aleman

Mila Aleman

Venezuelan turned Dutch. Marketing leader, House of Apis cofounder. Optimistic, eternally curious, creative thinker. I embrace laughter and being silly. I care about sharing fulfilling moments with the people I love. Mornings are better with coffee :)