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We’re curious to know your experiences and tips around self doubt.

Sometimes we can be our own best fans, believing in ourselves or supporting ourselves with affirmations, and kindness to help us push through difficult times, or to encourage us to keep going when things get very tough. However, we can be our worst critics, doubting about our capabilities, strengths or self worth. Our mind is crowded with doubts, and we have a hard time turning things around.

We highlighted some tips to overcome self doubt here. We are very interested to know your experience with self doubt. Do you experience it? f so, what do you do to get through the noise in your head and move forward.

Please share your thoughts with the community!

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Mila Aleman

Mila Aleman

Venezuelan turned Dutch. Marketing leader, House of Apis cofounder. Optimistic, eternally curious, creative thinker. I embrace laughter and being silly. I care about sharing fulfilling moments with the people I love. Mornings are better with coffee :)