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Kattie and Mila invite their dear friend Lina AbiRafeh (global women’s rights expert and “Hell Yeah” Feminist) to join them in a discussion around feminism and feminists.   They’ll explore the concept and misconceptions around the term feminist, discuss their own personal journeys around being feminists, and tackle some tough questions that often get presented to feminists to defend or justify.  They’ll also spend some time discussing the situation in Afghanistan and the impact on women and girls in the country and what we can do to help.

Shared on this episode:


Did You Know:  The Fate of Women and Girls in Afghanistan

It Doesn’t All Suck:  Compensation for Housework in Divorce

Guest Bio, Links and Information:  Lina AbiRafeh, PhD

Lina AbiRafeh is a global women’s rights expert and humanitarian aid worker with decades of experience worldwide. Since 2015, she has served as the Executive Director of the Arab Institute for Women at the Lebanese American University, an academic/activist institute covering the 22 Arab states. The Institute was established in 1973 as the first women’s institute in the Arab region – and one of the first globally. Lina spent over 20 years in development and humanitarian contexts in countries such as Afghanistan, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, and others. Her specific expertise is in gender-based violence prevention and response, summarized by her TEDx talk, Women Deliver PowerTalk, keynote address for Swedish International Development Agency annual meeting, amongst others.

Lina completed her doctoral work from the London School of Economics and published “Gender and International Aid in Afghanistan: The Politics and Effects of Intervention” based on her research. She speaks and publishes frequently on a range of gender issues, for instance on the need for a feminist response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Arab women and girls. She believes women’s leadership is the strongest vehicle for peace and sustainable development. Lina’s piece I Hate International Women’s Day has resonated with women’s rights activists worldwide. Her most recent writing, on women in Afghanistan, was featured on CNN, leading to a live CNN interview on this topic.

Lina is a board member of various organizations including SheDecides, Forced Migration Review, Society of Gender Professionals, and others. Lina is among the Gender Equality Top 100 worldwide in 2018 and 2019. She was awarded a Vital Voices fellowship for 2021 for outstanding women leaders. She was recognized by the Women’s Media Center as one of their Progressive Women’s Voices for 2021 and is featured in their database of experts.


Twitter: @LinaAbiRafeh 

Instagram: @LinaAbiRafeh 



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Hosts:  Mila Aleman and Kattie Capozza
Guest: Lina AbiRafeh, PhD
Music: Hussa Al Humaidhi
Sound Effects: Zapsplat

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