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We’re curious about how you’re experiencing a return to “normal” from COVID lockdowns.

After 15 months or so of living a simple and in my case, socially limited life due to lockdown, curfew, and social distance measures (plus my own decision to avoid risks); it is the time when things are opening up in Europe.  Going back to “normal” though is affecting me a bit more, or honestly a lot more than I expected.

I had been in a sort of cocoon, very protected, totally inwards, and as an introverted, happy to enjoy my alone time and newly remodeled apartment.

Now, there are many social expectations; going back to work, dinner invitations, FOMO moments (exhibitions, ballets, concerts, etc….) and somehow I am overwhelmed, I am anxious.  My head is busy with many thoughts and overwhelmed with expectations and maybe some fear.

I am in a funk and struggling to not get deeper in it.  The black hole is around the corner.

This is my reality. What is yours? Did you struggle this past year?  How did you cope with it?  Are you happy to go back to “normal”? or on the other hand are you struggling like I am?

Please share your thoughts with us and know that whatever you are feeling is totally valid and this community is here to support you!

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Mila Aleman

Mila Aleman

Venezuelan turned Dutch. Marketing leader, House of Apis cofounder. Optimistic, eternally curious, creative thinker. I embrace laughter and being silly. I care about sharing fulfilling moments with the people I love. Mornings are better with coffee :)