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Woman with two children

Time Poverty

By Topic in Focus
While we were researching material for our episode 3 of the House of Apis® podcast:  How to be a "Good Girl": The Impact of Culture and Context  we came across research around the concept of Time Poverty; we knew the concept but didn’t realize how prevalent it is and how it affects women worldwide. Let’s review some of the data;...
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Equity Champions - Solidarity

Building Equity in Film and TV Production

By Equity Champions
So, a funny thing happened when we were seeking a trademark for our organization. We stumbled into something amazing and needed in the space of film and television production. The first name that we sought out for House of Apis was refraME and during the application process we learned that another organization had submitted something similar only a few weeks...
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VOICE: Amplifying Women and Girls in Crisis

By Organization Spotlight
VOICE is a cutting-edge feminist organization working to end violence against women and girls in conflict, crisis, and disaster settings around the world. Co-founded by Mendy Marsh and Emma Fulu, the VOICE team is comprised of skilled humanitarians with extensive experience working on violence against women and girls in emergency contexts. They have seen that the humanitarian aid sector itself...
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